How to Choose a Boat – Part 1How to Choose a Boat – Part 1

Sailing is one of the most pleasurable activities that one can possibly ever experience, and for a lot of novices who try their hand at sailing for the first time they often get hooked instantly. Obviously only more experienced sailors go out and purchase their very own boat but for those who are considering buying a boat for the very first time then here are some great tips and advice.

What Type of Sailing Will You Be Doing?

The first question you must ask yourself is what kind of sailing you wish to partake in? Without answering this you cannot hope to search for your boat. Think about how you will use the boat and where you will use it. All boats are specialized in what they do, so what boat you end up buying depends entirely how you enjoy the water. Remember this can be a lengthy process so take your time, your first boat should be your pride and joy.

Is it something you want to transfer to and from different waters? Or is it purely for entertaining family and friends with perhaps cocktails at sundown? Will you be staying on board overnight? Will your kids be using it?

All of the former are good reasons to buy a boat, and all of them will lead you to buy different types of crafts.

New or Used?

A very valid question is, should you buy a new or used boat? This rather depends on what budget you have. If money is not under scrutiny then you can steam ahead a buy a brand new craft. However, if you are a sailing novice it sort of makes sense that you cut your teeth on something more modest. Making sailing mistakes with a rather battered second hand boat is far less embarrassing than in a brand spanking new motor launch. But if you intend to buy to use for a long time look at aluminum and fiberglass options as these do not rot as easily as wood.

Going Shopping

Once you have selected the type of boat you want and if it is to be new or second hand, it is now time to start shopping. The best place to begin is to do some research online. You can compare every facet of your boat, you can even look at online videos and tours all without leaving the house. There is one thing reading a description of a boat online and seeing a snapshot of it to actually physically looking at the craft. Often potential buyers have their expectant hopes dashed when they actually see their dream boat in the flesh, so you must do as much in-depth preparation as possible.

In part two of our blog we will be handing out tips of how you can qualify your boat before you actually take the time out and go to see it. This is mostly common sense like buying a car, but like the automobile industry there are some big pitfalls you can fall into.