Tips to Help Succeed in Fleet-RacingTips to Help Succeed in Fleet-Racing

Every sailor in a team goes through it; once there is a chance of getting to the last of the races in a series, they start looking for ideas and strategies to win the championship. Opportunities to beat the boats in front when the competition is thick is a tough ask and requires a lot of calculation. Sailors meticulously start planning how they can make the epic win and take home the trophy in the end when they are so close to the finish line. This is not just the case with a few sailors, but most sailing teams; even the best ones.

If you are a part of a fleet sailing team with the same last-minute predicament, then it is important to understand that each situation is kind of similar but different in a few ways. While some are easy and straightforward, there are some very complicated situations to strategize for. If you can find out all the common scenarios that you will encounter, then making sure you pass the common factors will give you a leg up in the last leg of the race. The most crucial step is to make a list of all the critical points in the scenarios and then formulating different decisions on how you will tackle it. 

Pure Match Racing

One of the most simple scenarios is to only concentrate on the boat that you are on in the fleet. Forget about any of the other boats in the race. If you focus too much on the other boats, it causes you to lose the control you have over the winning streak. In turn, you will be forced to change to fleet racing when the other boats prevent you from match racing properly. 


You will win if both yourself and your opponent’s boats don’t finish with the scores needed. This is also called discarding. What happens is that you try gaining control of the opponent; s boat and try to drive them into the fleet. You have to choose the moments when you need to be offensive. There is no room for mistakes as they can cause your opponent to go past you. Once your opponent crosses you, you will be free to race, but you won’t be able to win the race. Always try to drive your opponents to the back as much as you possibly can. Don’t lose them and don’t show any mercy.


You will need to use both pure match racing skills and the discarded scenario in the Hybrid. You are going to need boats between you and the opponent. These extra boats in between will act as a buffer and is an excellent way for you to finish with a few boats in between. You will also finish at a position that is better or gets to experience a lock-out finish. A lock-out finish is when you finish the race in a particular place, and you are considered a winner by default.

While the specifics and the scenarios are significant to be prepared for, there is one thing that is important than anything else – Preparation. You have to make sure that you think through entirely before you board the boat. Decide on the way you will respond to the situation too. Always ask yourself what you would do if it was an ordinary fleet race and allow yourself to think and prepare.